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Kamis, 14 September 2006 M
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I never learned English course. My basic English language only from formal school at junior and high school. So my reference is only blue striped white printed books from Ministry of Education and Culture which now called Ministry of National Education. I was amazed when my friend in first class at high school took a conversation with a tourist in the street. I really have no idea how to listen and to speak at that time. How stupid I am that I didn’t encourage to learn English well until I finished my high school. I didn’t get it when my English score better than Biology on National Final Exam, Ebtanas. I thought I didn’t care because I took IPA Programme on National Exam for University, UMPTN which now called SPMB. IPA Programme examine Pancasila Morale (PMP), Indonesian Language, Basic Math, Science Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Integrated Science. Then I entered Architecture major, the second choice after Industrial Management and Engineering.

The first and second semester I got basic class, same for all students on every major, except one class specified for every major, of course mine was Basic Drawing and Architecture class. That year I didn’t face any new challenged lessons, everything seems the same as at high school.

The second year was new environments, new classes, new lessons, and the great one was new drawing and design studios. Uh, I miss this big cozy place. The challenged one was that almost all references in English. I pushed myself to learn reading English book that has new idioms, new terminologies, new concepts, especially in Architecture that somewhat very different compared to others who took different major. The lucky one that’s all tasks, assignments or exams given in Indonesian language, including paperworks and presentations. Of course sketches and drawings was a must in Architecture major. It’s a language to communicate human needs to easily understood.

Then there were years that so many sitcom began broadcasted by TV. This challenged me to learn listening English instead reading Indonesian subtitle. The lucky one was my senior have so many movies on VHS converted from Laser Disc. Those movies has no subtitle. This was encouraged me too to learn more listening English while I got a chance to watch many blockbuster movies I’ve missed.

One years then my class attended by student exchange from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. There was a new thing to practice listening and speaking English on conversations, including presentations in front of the class or studio. The problem came instantly, Australian accent, idiom and slang is very different than mostly American sitcoms or movies that I’ve watched on TV.

My works then after I’ve finished bachelor degree was in a local company, with local customers, no special English environments, until now. Practical English used only to communicate international institution or communities, a formal language one that mostly in writing email, discussion or lobbying. No special things because English language at that works was mostly engineering terms that had a little ambiguities, such as a geek conversation among computer nerds, bits and bytes, networks and netmasks, routings, firewalls, hacks and cracks, and many others phrases or idioms commonly used on internet.

Years ago I’ve started blogging in Indonesian language. I chose Indonesian writing –for the sake of Indonesian fellow– to fill the Indonesian contents on internet, to provide many things in mind to be written on my blog because there was only a little pages that so many Indonesian people searched for on search engine. I wrote some Linux tutorial, book or movie reviews, places, foods, histories, arts, or anything I’ve contemplated before and also wrote my own opinions about something, about anything, and maybe about everything.

Now this is the first English entry on this blog. I write this for the sake of id-gmail community which has started the new branch, an id-en mailing list, an Indonesian community in English language. A mailing list that we can practice English skill, especially writing in English practically as an expression. I see that the important thing in learning English is expressing our mind into phrases, sentences and paragraphs. This mailing list offering a great place to learning by doing, and of course with a lot of fun. The fun thing like literally English translation, not the expression itself such as “Little little to me, little little to me, salary no up up” is one of Indonesian jokes in English, perhaps only understood by Indonesian peoples. That’s a little distraction for me to smile or maybe rolling on the floor laughing.

Let’s join us to practice your English skill. Perhaps you are more skilled than me, so share your knowledges about English. In case you feel have no skill, that’s not a problem, because we encourage every member to write down English expression, corrects any mistakes or suggest the right one. The topics is infinite, anything in your mind just write down practically.

Hopefully see you there, soon.


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    Nice post Mr. Jay.

  2. #2

    wow, indonesian community english language….. hmm it seems i will join and will be part of them, thank mr jay for that infos

    btw, Happy English

  3. #3

    I need english translator from movie for Indonesian subtitle or viceversa then,

    thanks in advance

  4. #4

    sob sob…my english is not developing in the recent studies…so i hope we can learn together…cheers

  5. #5


  6. #6

    Hi, Jay i want to learn english from you and your experiences, can you sight a light on me ? :D

  7. #7

    Hai, Mr Jay, your english is very good, I have learn from you! what do you think?

  8. #8

    Hi Mr. Jay, my english is not good, I have learn from you….

  9. #9

    hi…..Mr jay,Ilike engglish, because my opinion egglish is international language and almoust of the nation in the world using engglish as comunication but Ihaven’t high conffident to practise you have suggest for me?how Iam developing high connffident in myself??

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    hai..jay..i started my english languange since i’ve got a job in an INGO, but my english very bad , especially in conversation and writing, i hope i can learn with you or my friends in this blog…thanks 4 everything.

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    gravatar jay, i want learn english from youu because my speak english not good

  12. #12

    Juz wanna say …. BRAVO …. :-)

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    after i finished read your blog, i think no doubt to reach out the time for learning english well..
    when i was in senior high school, i always look for some reason to absent from my english course.
    now, i’m very in remorse regret…but the regret is not important.. the important thing that i should do is learn..learn.. and more learn about english….thanks for jay who makes me feel more in spirit to write this comment..and i hope all of you’ll teach me about english…

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    hi.everybody must learn english.

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    duh saya juga pengen belajar bahasa inggris nih read more…

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    First of all, let me convey my “humble” thoughts of English usage. I guess there are always times when people see and think of themselves as progress makers. Well, sure they do make some so-called progresses. This is true of what those English learners feel when they keep on learning this mostly used international language, especially when they are originally from developing countries. They might feel they are already good enough at the language, in its many different aspects, while in fact they are not. Shame on you to show us how your English structures really are. Please check with your “real” English sources, either real-life teachers or textbooks, or both, or anything else that might come up your f**king head!

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    Speking inggris ( jadi pingin belajar blogger dan nulis inggris Topik Blogku

  18. #18

    mau belajar writing karna lebih sulit dari speaking

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